1. Easy to use. Don within seconds. No adjustment straps.

  2. One size fits all.

  3. Strong, fire-resistant, elastic rubber hood, protects the entire head and seals comfortably at the neck.

  4. Large visor, made of flame retardant transparent film, allows a wide field of view.

  5. A unique breathing device (patent pending), enables rapid exhalation and improves the physiological conditions for the user, preventing built-up of heat or vapor inside the mask.

  6. A filtration unit containing low pressure electrostatic particle filter, impregnated charcoal cloth layers to absorb toxic gases and catalyst for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation.

  7. Training model included

  8. Approximate (package) dimensions: 10x12x14 cm

  9. Approximate (package) weight: 650 gr

LifeTech Products

103 Bridgeport Drive, Suite 900

Kansas City MO 64089, USA

816.863.0500 (8AM to 5PM M-F)


  1. Special Polychloroprene Latex Compound.

  2. Elongation at break > 700%

  3. Tensile strength > 150 kg/cm2

  4. Temperature resistance: 200ºC

  5. Fire resistance as per the requirements of NFPA 701


  1. ETFE film – Copolymer of Polytetrafluroethylene + Ethylene monomer

  2. Tensile strength: 50N/mm²

  3. Elongation at break: 450%

  4. Tear resistance: 500 N/mm

  5. Temperature resistance: 150°C

  6. Flame retardant : UL 94 V-O

  7. Light transmission: > 95%

Breathing Device

A device combining two valves for exhalation and inhalation + a soft mouthpiece, all in one unit.

Filter Assembly

Two canisters containing:

  1. Electrostatic particle filter

  2. Layers of impregnated activated charcoal cloth

  3. Catalyst

  4. Desiccant

CoGo                      $199.00              

Smoke Escape Mask

A personal respiratory protective device with visor, hood and built-in filter for escape from fire. Protects against smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) inhalation.

Complies with European Standard EN-403. Price includes a practice mask, travel case and a pair of fire resistant gloves.


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