Now there is a pocket-size personal escape mask that can help you get out alive!

Following 15 years of development, there are now safety products designed to provide you with precious time to breath and escape from a fire or toxic gas disaster. The time you need to get out alive.

Duram Personal Escape Masks are known for their easy accessibility, they are lightweight, portable, pocket-sized, quick to don, they seal comfortably at the neck and provide efficient filtering of toxic gases and agents. The various masks are designed to protect the user against smoke and toxic gases as a result of fire, hazardous chemicals or biological-chemical warfare agents providing up to 20 minutes of escape time.

The essential concept of an “escape” device underlies the company’s development philosophies and methods. The Duram Mask Company has a team of professional industrial designers and engineers that continually work

in cooperation with laboratories and leading standards institutions in Europe, Australia and now the USA.

The Duram Masks targets markets where people are in need of an efficient, short-term respiratory filter escape tool in the event of a fire, natural disaster, human error or terrorist attack.

The typical purchasers of Duram Masks are:

  1.   Frequent Flyers

  2.   Law Enforcement Agencies

  3.   Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

  4.   Chemical Industries

  5.   High-Rise Office/Residential Complexes

  6.   Property Management Companies

  7.   Hospitals

  8.   Ocean Going Vessels

  9.   Hotels

  10.   Transportation Companies


When Seconds Count ... It’s Going to be Up to YOU to Survive!

In addition to the actual mask, a color-coded training mask is included with each purchase to allow for rehearsing the donning of the product. Not only, will this procedure provide for additional confidence and speed, but will also give users the advanced experience of what the actual mask will feel like in an emergency application. Now you can have the peace of mind that with the Duram Personal Escape Mask you will have precious minutes to escape from an emergency situation.

Small enough to fit comfortably in an inside suit coat pocket or purse, this mask can be deployed and donned in a matter of seconds.

Statistically, in a fire or terrorist attack, it’s seldom the fire, but generally the smoke and toxic gases that will kill you.

LifeTech Products

103 Bridgeport Drive, Suite 900

Kansas City MO 64089, USA

816.863.0500 (8AM to 5PM M-F)

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